• 2018/11

    "i did it my way" - that has always been the spirit of berlin and it will continue to be so. together with tempomedia director søren schaller and agency jung von matt/saga we produced this homage to the infamously known adidas originals campaign for bvg, the local transport operator of berlin. weird, eccentric, sytlish. bvg proves once again, that it is worthy of the coolest city of the world.

  • 2018/08

    it’s challenging to live in a digital world where news and content is shared so easily. along with the benefits of new technologies always comes a big responsibility. smartphone manufacturer huawei, agency jung von matt, director alex feil and tempomedia teamed up for a film that reminds us to take this responsibility seriously. sometimes a small action can lead to monstrous consequences. it’s all in your hands.

  • 2018/07

    an audio streaming provider that uses visual spots to advert his platform? at first this sounded strange to us too. but client audible and agency kolle rebbe have set this challenging and interesting task for directing duo dvein and tempomedia and in the end, everything made a lot of sense. watch the results and see for yourself.

  • 2018/06

    in january we announced that director henrik rostrup joined the tempomedia family. we are now happy to share our first work that we have been able to work on. client montblanc and agency jung von matt travelled to the mountains of telluride, colorado, with us to shoot this outstanding piece of work. henrik proved a lot of stamina and passion during the shoot. while working with the incredible mr hugh jackman he did not shy away from climbing mountains and stepping into icy water. we are very proud of the result and are looking forward to the many projects ahead.

  • 2018/06

    we are super excited to share this epic short film from director guy ritchie who teamed up with our partners from reset and independent films to shoot this superb spot for client beats. starring superstars like mesut özil, harry kane, benjamin mendy, neymar and even serena williams, this 4 minutes’ short does everything right in terms of storytelling. we are blown away – and so will you be after watching!

  • 2018/06

    mario götze - all of germany knows him, our national hero of the last world cup. his goal from the final in 2014 entered the history books. now in 2018, there is a new world cup coming up - the perfect moment to take another breath and look back. client samsung and agency cheil set themselves a courageous goal and decided with this spot, to also show the shadows of such a steep career and what there is that comes with being a hero. they teamed up with tempomedia and director stuart mcintyre to go back in time with mario götze - and to look into the future. we are super proud on what came out of this collaboration and are very happy to present this wonderful piece of work.

  • 2018/03

    how would you prepare for the most important date of your life? they say, the first impression is the most important. dress up, make up, be beautiful. tempomedia director alex feil and agency jung von matt/next alster are telling an emotional and subtle story about self confidence and beauty for the client douglas on occasion of international women's day. - in the end it doesn’t matter what you do, when you do it for you.

  • 2018/02

    old love never dies. that's what the heroine of our latest spot hoped for and why she went on a roadtrip that wasn't always easy, to find a long lost love… client sixt and agency thjnk teamed up with director laurent chanez and tempomedia to go on a roadtrip themselves. the result is this beautiful and cineastic spot with a surprising twist in the end.

  • 2018/01

    lovely to share the astonishing work of our friends at academy and director frederic planchon who got together with agency VCCP for their new client cadbury. the heart warming spot tells the story of a little girl who would give everything to make her mum smile on her birthday and why cadbury thinks "there is a glass and a half in everyone“ of us.

  • 2018/01

    we are proud to share the exceptional and stirring music video by our director laurent chanez, which he created in collaboration with mikros-mpc. it has a distinctive underground feeling and drags you right into the experimental music of the electro-acoustic group aufgang, who are performing at clubs like the berghain/berlin. the magnetic and striking video gives you the feeling of one of these intensive nights. laurent proves once again, that he is one of the most creative directors out there. he is home in the arts and blends all genres from storytelling to new perspectives and edgy performances.

  • 2017/12

    we are happy to share the latest work of our director johan renck, who teamed up with agency forsman & bodenfors and prodution house rockson for this years h&m holiday campaign. the film stars huge names like nicki minaj, jesse williams and john turtorro and tells the story of an heroic little girl, who wants to save the holiday from santas claus' evil brother. together with memorable characters in a parallel fantasy world, her father sends her on a journey to spread the universal message of caring for one another.

  • 2017/11

    what can you do when someone you deeply love does not recognize you anymore? for the new brand appearance of saturn, jung von matt have asked themselves this and other emotional questions. together with alex feil and tempomedia, they have found possible answers in courages and emotional ways for saturn. „anna“ is the first out of four different spots, that shows a young woman struggling with the alzheimer disease of her father. all four films show in a subtle, but very striking way how technology can enrich life or can possibly help making it a bit better.

  • 2017/06

    "the future is everyone's". the new claim of the opel brand which is released together with a new insignia brand film is deeply written in the dna of the german car manufacturer. tempomedia director matthaeus bussmann teamed up with agency scholz & friends to create stunning and cutting edge imagery to visualize a new generation of leaders. the new opel insignia stands for the leadership of the future and so does the impressive manifesto film. "We don't know what the future holds for us. But we want everyone to be a part of it."

  • 2017/02

    he did it again! alex feil and tempomedia teamed up with jung von matt/alster and edeka to create an extraordinary short film. it tells a modern fairy tale of the eternal dream of humanity: the dream to fly. but the story of a sensible boy who pursues his vision has more than one layer. it also tells the story of not giving up and to follow your instincts: "eat like the one that you want to be". alex feil succeeded in creating a strong and cinematic piece of art and gathered a fantastic cast which couldn’t be more perfect to reach our hearts and souls.

  • 2016/11

    go from the city to the country and back again. discover the unknown and free your mind. jung von matt/spree teamed up with andre stringer to create strong and visual images to capture not only the new mini but especially the way of life which comes with it. stringers strong storytelling shows us what really matters: stories, memories and impressions. produced by tempomedia and reset the film follows that instinct to discover the world and to feel the nature. the new mini countryman is here. let's go for a ride and add your stories!

  • 2016/09

    more brilliance more beauty.4000 floating balloons | 1.000 kilos colored glitter | 500 kilos colored powder |  an abandoned casino in romania ... the result. the new sony bravia 4k color-filled explosive commercial created by andre stringer and ddb berlin produced by tempomedia and reset.  as always, the colour and enchanting brilliance of the glitter is supposed to reflect the clear picture quality of the new range of sony bravia 4k hdr tvs. for the soundtrack, sony collaborated with uk singer-songwriter tom odell to re-record cyndi lauper’s famous track „true colours“. the song celebrates the vibrancy of the campaign. watch how a derelict old building comes to life.

  • 2016/05

    tempomedia director alex feil and agency jung von matt created a very deep and meaningful christmas spot for the german supermarket edeka. if the film has already gone viral, that is not only because of the emotional storytelling. the commercial reminds us of the things that really matter by telling a story with a thought-provoking twist. the german brand is not shying away from a public debate during christmas time. alex feil succeeds in finding the right images and tempo for the bold idea and creates a short film, that will get under your skin!

  • 2016/05

    family is one of the most important things in life. tempomedia's laurent chanez teamed up with agency scholz & friends to create a heartwarming film for opel to celebrate one of the most important days of the year: mothers day. because, what would we do without our moms? they gave us life, they raised us and they supported us. no matter how old we gonna get, no matter what happens. we will always be their children. laurent chanez directed an emotional film which is setting focus on the question: how far would you go, to give something back? can you even conquer your greatest fears to offer your mom a unique moment and show your love?

  • 2015/09

    are you ready for some ultra relaxed car shots?! agency thjnk and tempomedia director bruce st. clair created an outstanding car commercial that is extremely chilled out. you actually get in the mood to try this out yourself. but please don't! what seems so easy was performed by a professional stunt crew. bruce st. clair created with their help wide images full of coolness and elegance to demonstrate how it feels to drive an audi. excellent!

  • 2015/06

    we are very proud that three films produced by tempomedia were awarded at the cannes lions 2015! the cinema commercial "popov the clown" for mc donalds  from tempomedia director alex feil and agency leo’s thjnk tank as well as the web film "how china are you?" for protonet from director jan hinrik drevs and agency kolle rebbe were awarded with a silver lion in the most prestigious category of the festival, the film lions! the powerful work by tempomedia director and new german talent andreas bruns was also awarded with a first prize at the young directors award! congratulations to everybody!

  • 2015/03

    tempomedia director andreas roth creates an emotional and cinematic commercial for the ngo oceana which raises awareness about overfishing and urges to act in time to save the majestic bluefin tuna. the film fantastically portrays a future when all bluefins have disappeared from our oceans and only live as memories of an old fisherman. tempomedia teams up creative collective panthalassa for this very powerful and mature piece of filmmaking!

  • 2015/01

    to congratulate someone on his life achievement is not easy. but tempomedia director alex feil proved that you can do this in a very sensitive way and even in 90 seconds. agency leo’s thjnk tank invited a very special guest to a very special birthday: oleg popov, the world’s most famous clown, to celebrate the 60th birthday of mc donald's. alex feil tells two stories at a time and brings the life story of the artist oleg popov together with the story of the brand. storytelling at its best shot in beautiful pictures. tempomedia says: happy birthday mc donald's!

  • 2014/10

    does the end justify the means? this might be true when it comes to the need of state-of-the-art gadgets! tempomedia director alex feil directs the new campaign for media markt, europes largest retailer for consumer electronics. teaming up with agency ogilvy & mather alex directs 7 films about charming rascals. known for his great cast he proves his sense of humor by creating different characters who have one thing in common: they are getting what they want! watch here the hilarious first three films, every single one with its own funny twist!

  • 2014/07

    an audi is too good to be driven by one owner only! tempomedia director alex feil and agency thjnk developed four tvcs for the brands premium service for used audis. alex feil creates with his great cast and one talking dog humorous stories of the meeting between old and new owners of the vehicles. once more he proves his sophisticated storytelling and dialogue techniques. in commercials there's often an intention to manage a funny wink. we think that alex feil handles this just perfect! but see for yourself and you will find out that he succeeded once more.

  • 2014/06

    the world is celebrating football at this summer's fifa world cup in brazil. there is no better timing for mercedes-benz to celebrate their sponsorship of the german national team. once again the two directors alexandliane teamed up with the creatives of jung von matt to translate big feelings into big pictures. with post from the mill they created a car commercial which is pushing the limits. always going forward and never giving in.

  • 2014/05

    agency tbwa duesseldorf, director laurent chanez and dop victor serguin created this heartwarming, honest love declaration to all mothers. this video is a tribute to the special relationship between mothers and daughters, to the precious moments and the tough moments. It sums up to a beautiful, precious relationship that never ends: no matter if you leave or change things, this bond just grows bigger and stronger and becomes a timeless love.
    a timeless love from diadermine, dedicated to all mom's and daughters in the world.

  • 2014/02

    love is in the air. tempomedia director sandro suppnig and agency bbdo proximity duesseldorf created this viral hit for schwarzkopf nectra color about how true love creates beauty. enjoy an emotional and touching story about a man, a woman, flowers and the little things in life that make us fall in love with someone. not just on valentine’s day, but every day a bit more.

  • 2013/06

    cannes. young directors award 2013 and shortlist cannes lions. adc hamburg. bronze and 2 distinctions for direction and tv/cinema standalone film. when creepy clowns, chainsaw murderers and death itself are fighting a losing battle for their life, you better be sure a powerful force is in play. jung von matt/neckar and director andreas roth created this compelling film featuring spectacular underwater images. organic food producer Herbaria is breaking with the tea industry's conventions by advertising their calming tea with this unusual film. tempomedia teamed up with filmakademie baden-wuerttemberg and the legendary pinewood studios in london to put together this unusual commercial.

  • 2013/06

    fanta germany shows how a simple day at the beach can turn into a fantastical adventure in this spot out of jung von matt, directed by duo alex & steffen. unexpected postproduction created a whole fantasy-world including a massive castle, a fierce robot, a huge sand-catapult and all the little details you will discover, everytime you watch this spot.

  • 2012/08

    agency jung von matt/alster and tempomedia director cyril guyot created 5 dynamic, fresh and subliminal humorously spots which perfectly represent the advantages of the new mercedes-benz a-class. a new generation is going to be attracted by the passionate design, dynamic appeal, the safety features and the digital gadgets.

  • 2012/08

    the spot "for every you" makes a woman feel special. a group of young people is moving through creatively inspired settings located in and around the modern city berlin. the agency grey, düsseldorf and director matthäus bussmann found the perfect locations for romantic, cool and urban sets. the main character motivates us to join her lifestyle in the latest autumn/winter collection by graceland/deichmann. the lively spot was inspired by the young team and the groovy sound of "girl like me" by ladyhawke.

  • 2012/07

    agency serviceplan gave the motto "it doesn´t need a single word to say it all". and now you just can enjoy bruno aveillan´s cinematic pictures of a beautiful flower, a precious watch and a graceful horserider, combined with special shots of the new 7 series BMW. shhhhhhh!

  • 2012/07

    roderick fenske just joined tempomedia for exclusive representation for the german market ... and this is worth a very warm welcome.

    "i am so happy and excited to be back again with my friends at tempomedia"
    says roderick who had already worked with tempomedia when he was part of the directing collective at ACNE.

    fenske has directed through Hungry Man for the past 5 years and has recently joined B-Reel for US representation.his brand of commercial comedy has been universally recognized and awarded all over the world in D&AD, Cannes and Eurobest for brands such as Coca Cola, Honda, Alfa Romeo, The European Union and Las Vegas Tourism. in 2001, fenske started directing comedy in london as a creative director at TBWA. after perfecting a unique style that was driven by subtle and sharp performances from quirky characters for clients such as Sony Playstation and FCUK, roderick was invited to join the swedish directing collective ACNE in stockholm. during his time in sweden, fenske developed a fresh visual aesthetic combined with practical special effects that became a signature of his unique character-based comedy.

  • 2012/05

    'the pulse of a new generation' - this promise was given by mercedes-benz in cooperation with the creatives of jung von matt and doubtlessly the spot lives up to it. supported by the german national team, the two directors ALEXANDLIANE created a drifty, music video alike piece that approaches the topic car commercial in a diverse manner. six different set ups in a 46m times 69m studio made a spectacular playground and basis for post house 'the mill' to satisfy the hunger for outstanding pictures, rhythm and beat.

  • 2012/04

    'dynamic is an attitude' is the new brand claim for bmw. the visual realization of this claim was created by director john dolan, agency interone in munich and academy award winning dop dion beebe. the whole model range of bmw cars have been shipped to capetown for a shooting full of fun, russian arm and special effects - including rain and pyro technics. only the carbon frame and the 6series grand coupe had to stay home and were filmed on an extra shootday in munich.

  • 2012/02

    a lot of corsas are moving through the metropolis' streets, coloured fountains are blasting in the air and a colourful city is waking up. agency scholz & friends opc and star director paul hunter create a new commercial for opel accompanied by trendy 'iv'-composed music. this big visual attraction was produced by tempomedia, post production was made by ueberdosis/sehsucht and sounddesign by nhb. have fun with these colourful patterns!

  • 2012/01

    for laughter, for crying, for loving....thats what your home is for. director joshua neale shows ups and downs in a couple's first joint appartment in this emotional touching spot that was created with kempertrautmann for ikea.

  • 2011/10

    another warm welcome to reynald gresset. we are happy to expand our roster with this parisienne director for emotional storytelling and photographic filming skills.

  • 2011/10

    tempomedia welcomes rbg6 - the swedish directing duo joel nordstrom and lars ohlin with a distinctive body of work in live-action, animation, stop frame and mixed-media. the films of rbg6 are often referred to as 'graphic' or 'stylized' and driven by an aestethic idea which often also is a part of the storyline. the films also hold a somehow poetic quirkiness and quite unique narrative aspects.

  • 2011/09

    william trubridge. scott jurek. steve house. the opel ampera. what unites these four pioneers in this visually stunning commercial by directors duo alphabetical order and agency scholz & friends are their revolutionary ways in going beyond the limits of the possible.

  • 2011/08

    did you expect danny ocean and his companions pulling of the next big job? not quite! director john dolan, dop julian hohndorf and agency guertlerbachmann present the classic hollywood heist in which the new kia rio plays the role of an unexpected star.

  • 2011/06

    follow the new q3 campaign online. http://www.youtube.com/user/AudiQ3

    alphabetical order and kempertrautmann built a whole moving media campaign from new expectations, including product films, tvc and visual interestin portraits of the protagonists such as mobility visionary bjarke ingels, designer oskar zieta and architect gary chang.

  • 2011/05

    think of a wellknown car director! think of one of the best dop's! think of one of the most creative agencies! now mix chrisian aeby, stuart graham and scholz & friends and get this visual interesting commercial for the new opel insignia.

  • 2011/04

    great projects are often realised by sweat, blood and tears or to speak commercial-world: overtime, no sleep for days, hard negotiations and a lot of creative dispute.
    but if you have come over it, you finally have a really nice piece of commercial for toyota, that director jan wentz realised together with agency saatchi & saatchi.

  • 2011/02

    sharing is caring. therefore tempomedia berlin and acne digital jointly share production space in berlin and once more reinforce the good relationship.
    acne digital is part of acne production and is an award winning production company specializing in the field of advanced digital productions being in web, mobile applications, games or other medias.
    they have delivered web campaigns, tv commercials, websites, banners, virals, games on mobile and on web to the smartest and most demanding customers in the world.
    ranked among the top production companies in the world by boards and creativity.

  • 2011/01

    man being chased by policemen, running over rooftops, dop jumping from rooftops sounds hollywood-esque? yes, sounds like hollywood, but deichmann can do so as well for its new sports brand commercial. again they engaged well-known parcour artist chase armitage and director thor for a thrilling cat-and-mouse-game, out of the feather of agency grey.

  • 2010/12

    taking beautiful pictures of models is easy but move soccer players to act naturally in front of a lense is hard work. but star photographer rankin knows how to and did a great photo series for schwarzkopf. tempomedia produced a nice making of about this photoshooting in duesseldorf with 6 girls of the german women soccer team.

  • 2010/12

    "travelling is the best part of my job" states cindy crawford in the new
    commercial for deichmann. and she is absolutely right. who can resist an
    invitation from agency grey and director jake nava to shoot 3 days on
    antigua in the carribean? we wouldn´t!

  • 2010/11

    feel the beat, experience the colors. for its diverse color range for the fabia, skoda asked agency leagas delaney and director thor to create a rousing spot.

  • 2010/10

    take a little bit of fancy berlin, a pinch of tribal ddb, a spoon of jan
    wentz and a shimmer of nina hagen, shake it well and have the brand new
    campaign for telekom's entertain.

  • 2010/10

    berlin calling. at last tempomedia is no longer a guest in the capital!
    after years of producing out of suitcases when shooting in berlin,
    tempomedia has finally opened an office in germany’s capital. the partners
    vera portz, alexander schildt and ralf schipper have teamed up with olrik
    kleiner as executive producer for this new venture.

  • 2010/09

    jan gleie and grey shot a beautiful graceland spot for the women who can not
    decide which person they want to be today. so easy: take the deichmann shoe
    for 'every you'!

  • 2010/06

    life of jack. does it sound familiar to some of you? the force of making decisions your whole life. leagas delaney and jan wentz show perfectly that skoda has the right car for every situation you decide for.

  • 2010/05

    'beauty is confidence' states the new campaign, that just now runs on your
    tv screen. olivier venturini again teamed up with draftfcb to promote the
    new haircare product range from nivea. as in the previous campaign the band
    plushgun made for the background music.

  • 2010/04

    the next big thing - everyonce in a while you need the world´s attention.
    you can update your models year by year without big surprises, or you simply
    invent and release a complete new, never-seen-before-car like the audi a1.
    featuring justin timberlake, agency heimat has created 6 thrilling episodes
    to introduce and present the new audi a1. follow justin timberlake over the
    next months what he experienced with the new car and watch out for the whole
    film on www.audi.com/a1

  • 2010/03

    smuggler and tempomedia boost up for 2010. world wide renowned smuggler and
    tempomedia announce their partnership with exclusive representation of
    smuggler directors on the german market.

  • 2010/02

    auckland harbour bridge / new zealand. you think a supermodel like baptiste
    giabiconi would never jump from that bridge? but he did! under
    kempertrautmanns supervision and acnes creative guidance for schwarzkopf
    taft styling products. james bond dop roberto schäfer caught everything on

  • 2009/12

    heidi klum took another chance to prove her quality as an ambassador
    for schwarzkopf. the new 3 wetter taft campaign was staged in la from
    featured director sam bayer, under the supervision of agency

  • 2009/12

    another world-famous star signed with schwarzkopf haircare. cindy crawford
    proves in the spot from directors-duo darling and agency clm bbdo / paris,
    that you can colour your hair in a natural way.

  • 2009/11

    a week of shooting in argentina and heavy postproduction in london create
    three beautiful spots for skoda. leagas delaney had the idea and director
    jan wentz executed it with greatness.

  • 2009/11

    artist bruno aveillan and agency kempertrautmann met for a dazzling dance of
    creativity, energy and emotion in berlin. the outcome is a piece of art for
    the new audi a8.

  • 2009/09

    top glamour director jake nava at work with topmodel cindy crawford on a roof in new york city for deichmann shoes. yep, new york city. talking about taking german shoe seller deichmann a step ahead - once more. cinematography was done by dop rodrigo prieto (babel, brokeback mountain, 21 grams).

  • 2009/09

    not only that operastar anna netrebko interpreted the well-known
    brillance-song "brillance is all that you need", she also is the face for
    the new schwarzkopf brillance intense couleur campaign. kempertrautmann
    again chose director jake nava to stage anna in front of massive fountains.

  • 2009/09

    "art doesn't need a face. but it helps."

    tempomedia's director marc hartmann teamed up with anomaly nyc through acne
    los angeles for converse's first docu-ad on berlins blockrocking
    3d-street-art trio mentalgassi. we spent a fantastic 23-hour-shooting-day on
    the run using 40 litres of superglue on the capitals finest corners to put
    up some kickass street-art. with a grand finale from a raft of a 7m
    wallpaper face on a wall, sipping off a 4m-straw from the river spree. ain't
    we got fuuun! www.converse.de

  • 2009/08

    tempomedia hired visual director mehdi norowzian to realize three new films for deichmann shoes. shot in london in studio, mehdi created visually delightful sets and with support of smoke&mirrors london these films will be pure artwork. it is a shame these wonderful pieces of work will only be airing for one month on german tv. look out and be ready ...

  • 2009/07

    happy birthday audi for 100 years vorsprung durch technik on july 16th, 2009.

  • 2009/06

    the eerie cat and mouse chase, expertly directed by john dolan for agency leagas delaney to promote the release of skoda's junior suv, the yeti, is shot from the point of view of preying animal. our ravenous mystery creature is about to make a meal out of a cute rabbit when it sees the yeti driving by. thus begins a dynamic chase sequence full of twists and turns that leaves our monster mesmerized by the gracefully styled lines of the yeti. beauty, it seems, can tame even the most savage of beasts.

  • 2009/06

    in this years 'horizont and w&v ranking' of all german production companies tempomedia makes a jump to the 4th place for creativity and remains the 3rd largest production company in terms of turnover.

  • 2009/05

    after visiting the statue of liberty for panasonic lumix in february, this time atletico germany invited us in a black studio to stage a tennis match for the new panasonic viera. director christian lyngbye operated as the team captain.

  • 2009/04

    tales of the thousand and one nights in istanbul. let us tell you the story of the sultan nivea who promised some maiden hairmodels to the grand-vizir olivier venturini to stage them for a wonderful hair-fairytale. this fairytale was woven by the creative storytellers at draftfcb and executed on marvellous places in istanbul. and they lived happily ever after on your tv set.

  • 2009/03

    open your eyes, change your perception and see something in a different light, as agency ignition and directors from tomato did for the new chevrolet cruze, also featuring the rule-breakers richard noble and børge ousland.

  • 2009/03

    ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to anonymous content. anonymous and tempomedia form anonymous@tempomedia. via the deal, anonymous directors will be represented exclusively in the german marketspace by tempomedia.

  • 2009/02

    capetown. 3am. a production team takes off into the dark one week in a row to shoot stunning, emotional, visually  delicious & impressive pictures for the new audi a5 convertible. always a delight to watch bruno aveillan work. created by draft fcb hamburg, you will see and enjoy this spot on tv very soon.

  • 2009/02

    new york city’s statue of liberty is the heroine in the new panasonic lumix spot. directed by acne, even the old lady can’t resist and moves as told to the sound design by phatfabe and tonhaus. atletico berlin is responsible for the creative idea.

  • 2009/01

    london @ black island studios. once again, joseph kahn shows agency grey worldwide and deichmann his creativity and shoots 4 spots for the new deichmann campaign. all have major post production involved which has been done in los angeles by ingenuity engine. the spots will take your attention in the commercial breaks.

  • 2009/01

    take the following ingredients: 3 weeks maledives, 12 tons of equipment, 50 crew people from south africa, private island resort, ddb duesseldorf, henkel duesseldorf, sun, beach, girls & one lucky man – shake it well – add luca maroni and you get 6 commercials for fa which will take you into paradise for a few seconds.

  • 2008/11

    jake nava and oscar nominated dop claudio miranda (the curious case of benjamin button) teamed up for the latest taft commercial with heidi klum.
    the 2 films were shot in los angeles on location in malibu, beverly hills and downtown under supervision of agency kempertrautmann. it’s nothing like the classical 3-wetter-taft commercials from the past, it has become way more glamorous & trendy.

  • 2008/11

    'perfectly synchronized engineering.' is the claim for the new audi q5 from the creative hotshot agency heimat, directed by psyop, produced by tempomedia in cooperation with stink.
    more than hundred actors perform to the music made by q-department from new york. they form constantly changing surfaces through flipping cards in their hands. the life action shoot took place in berlin - psyop`s new york office put their magic hands to the images.

  • 2008/10

    ’audi.heartbeat.’ wins the category editing of the german vdw award. congratulations to the editor christopher klotz. the film was directed by raf wathion, developed by kempertrautmann and produced by tempomedia. the extraordinary pictures were shot in belgium and make this film to a feast for the eyes.

  • 2008/09

    awarded with two bronze medals tempomedia went home from the german communication award ’die klappe’. director andreas link won with dextro energy in the tv category. yello has been awarded for the sound design on the daniel barber directed spot ’audi a5. kite’. tempomdia is proud to share these distinctions with agencies kempertrautmann and heimat.

  • 2008/09

    the inspiration of love and hair in combination with the cities of new york and prague form the set for a new commercial of schwarzkopf coloriste directed by sara marandi. agency tbwa and tempomedia produced this film in september 2008.

  • 2008/08

    the popstars sugababes, tempomedia and the american star director joseph kahn realized a new commercial for deichmann shoes. on a rooftop in barcelona they shot this performance in a night session, accompanied by the agency grey duesseldorf.

  • 2008/07

    tempomedia cooperated with acne for the production of a groundbreaking commercial for ea games fifa 09 and agency wieden+kennedy. the shooting took place in gelsenkirchen, germany, with a huge crowd of schalke 04 soccer fans as well as kevin kuranyi, one of the key players in the team.

  • 2008/07

    the hometown of the agency philipp&keuntje and tempomedia filmproduction is channeled into a film location. in a bar the danish director christian lyngbye creates a new jaegermeister commercial ... and this ... nearly ... without words.

  • 2008/05

    power, ignition, heartbeat. all these elements are united by the new audi tdi commercial from kempertrautmann. we shot the spot with internationally renowned director raf wathion.

  • 2008/04

    crispin, porter + bogusky again challenged us with a burger king spot. we accepted and shot with award-winning director andreas hoffmann the steak lovers club in berlin.

  • 2008/04

    luuuuuliluuuuuu lulilu luluuuuuu....who recognises it? right, this funny "no jägermeister" commercial is the secret project that we shot with philipp & keuntje and acne last year. do you like it? we love it! lalalalaalaaaaaaa.

  • 2008/03

    acne directed a funny hair commercial for got2b with pheromons that cause a chemical reaction. the spot was shot with agency clm/bbdo paris in stockholm.

  • 2008/03

    the truth about women and their fantastic haircolor with schwarzkopf diadem was staged in cape town by tempomedia and director sara marandi. the idea for this project had agency tbwa duesseldorf.

  • 2008/01

    deichmanns new starcollection is presented by the sugababes. jake nava and
    agency grey put the girlgroup in the limelight on a boat in a london studio.

  • 2008/01

    15 days on the maldives. sounds like holidays, but the shoot for "fa" was far away from it. however, ddb duesseldorf and tempomedia had an exciting
    time shooting 10 commercials on almost deserted islands.

  • 2007/12

    rankin & chris staged once more topmodel heidi klum for a 3-wetter-taft
    commercial. tbwa had the idea for this glamorous spot.

  • 2007/11

    shooting hair at 60°C with photosonic on bali - you think it´s impossible?
    director sara marandi, schwarzkopf and ddb duesseldorf made it happen for

  • 2007/11

    stockholm was again our destination to shoot a very funny and unusual
    commercial with acne. watch out for results! in tv and cinemas all over
    germany starting in april.

  • 2007/08

    tempomedia was on "a journey" with director bryan barber and three upcoming bands from all over the world for agency saatchi & saatchi and sony ericsson. the commercial for the new w910i walkman phone and three music videos were shot in four days in uruguay.

  • 2007/08

    are you ready for having a bar of chocolate every day for the rest of your
    life? ritter sport and agency santamaria / hamburg asked tempomedia
    and director marc hartmann to produce a commercial for the ritter-pension.

  • 2007/08

    persistent offender. acne and tempomedia was again awarded by agency crispin porter + bogusky to shoot another commercial with the grill thrill jaeger gunter hicks for burger king. fireskiing was shot in one day in stockholm.

  • 2007/07

    for the presentation of their hair care branche, beiersdorf ag and and draftfcb / hamburg asked tempomedia to realize 5 commercials with director olivier venturini. and of course we did: 11 shootingdays in istanbul and bergamo.

  • 2007/07

    pussycat dolls sequel. tempomedia realised a script from agency grey / duesseldorf for a new deichmann commercial with the pussycat dolls. this time director jake nava staged the girls in a casino in los angeles.

  • 2007/06

    tempomedia went fishing.
    believe media joins tempomedia for exclusive representation of its directors
    in germany.

  • 2007/06

    us-agency crispin porter + bogusky committed tempomedia to produce a new
    burger king spot with the newly created grill thrill jaeger gunter hicks
    (www.gunterhicks.com). director team acne staged the commercial in their
    hometown stockholm.

  • 2007/04

    tempomedia shot with famous international topmodel heidi klum for the new
    drei wetter taft campaign (agency tbwa duesseldorf). the commercial was
    realized in los angeles by director duo rankin&chris.

  • 2007/04

    agency lommelludwig has asked tempomedia with its director marc hartmann to produce 4 commercials for subway. sub wayne, the funny sandwich, has already reached cult character.

  • 2007/03

    tempomedia is just in postproduction for the new audi a5 campaign from heimat agency. with director daniel barber this campaign was shot in february in namibia and cape town.

  • 2007/03

    tempomedia did shoot 2 commercials for hairstyling product got2b with world class parkour (free runner) chase armitage. marc hartmann directed these energetic spots in buenos aires/argentina for ddb duesseldorf.

  • 2007/03

    tempomedia just finished the new international c3 diesel campaign for citroen with euro rscg duesseldorf & paris. the shooting already took place in december in cape town. directors team acne, a lot of pigs & 3 months of cgi helped to develop that lovely tvc, that is on air since 15th of march.

  • 2007/02

    tempomedia did shoot 6 commercials for diadermine skin care with director olivier venturini in berlin. responsible agency is bbdo paris.

  • 2007/01

    tempomedia shot the new puma fragrance tv campaign with director howard greenhalgh in prague. responsible agency is select geneva.

  • 2007/01

    tempomedia produced 3 tv commercials for deichmann in los angeles. for the new star-collection, deichmann did sign the pussycat dolls as testimonials. this commercial was directed by jake nava. for kids shoes “elefanten“ tempomedia hired director henning winkelmann, “gallus“, a deichmann men shoes brand, was realized by director andreas link.

  • 2007/01

    tempomedia just finished the persil 100 years brand campaign (agency ddb düsseldorf) directed by ivo mostertman, which is already shown on tv.

  • 2006/10

    tempomedia has won silver (cinematography) and bronce (special effects) at the new york festivals with the audi Q7 spot directed by bruno availlan.

  • 2006/09

    tempomedia has finished production of the new mazda 6 "airport" commercial with young director marc hartmann. starting from october the 9th, this film will get aired in 6 european countries.

  • 2006/08

    big car shoot is approved for young director marc hartmann. there will be 4 days shooting in lyon / france in september.

  • 2006/08

    tempomedia has produced a commercial with yvonne catterfeld for deichmann in berlin. director matthias zentner has developed a new view to the world.

  • 2006/08

    tempomedia has shot the new audi a4 s line spot with creative agency fcb, hamburg and director andreas link in austria and munich.

  • 2006/07

    tempomedia has shot for jamba and jung von matt/spree with the directors-team acne in romania.

  • 2006/07

    tempomedia has done a sixt commercial for euro rscg.

  • 2006/03

    tempomedia has won bronze for the tvc audi q7 at the german art directors club.

  • 2006/03

    tempomedia has signed bruno availlan for exclusive german representation.

  • 2006/02

    tempomedia has shot 16 days for ddb and tbwa in australia and south africa for one of the biggest schwarzkopf projects ever.

  • 2006/01

    tempomedia has shot 3 spots for hilcona and santa maria with the swedish directors team acne.

  • 2005/12

    tempomedia has shot t-mobile for saatchi&saatchi with olivier venturini.

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